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Ways to Learn about your Microbiome

Functional Testing

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Following a consultation, we can apply Functional Testing to find the root cause of your health issues whether it be gut related,
hormone imbalance,
toxicity, or food sensitivities.

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Microbiome Restoration

Why you should care about your microbiome

Health begins and ends with the gut! It's time to meet your microbiome, the critters responsible for the foods you crave, whether you're thin or overweight, your clarity of thought and so much more.

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Dr. Bill Code

Benefit from the collaboration of Kristina and Dr. Code

Schedule a joint case review with both Kristina and Integrative Medicine Expert, Dr. Bill Code

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Learn more about your microbiome with the webinars

I love educating others about microbiome health. View my webinar schedule below or request a private booking.

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