The top 13 things I learned (or re-learned) about health this year

1. Your home’s health is just as important as your own – check the humidity and have a look around for mold

2. The role of the gut microbiome remains understated. For one thing, your microbes steal your minerals if you don’t provide sufficient amounts. Water is one vesicle for minerals and there are companies capitalizing on this.

3. Although the gut microbiome plays a significant role in our health, it is still a reflection of other aspects of our health. This includes our diet, mood and mental health, environmental exposures, state of our liver and immune system. 

4. The sinus and oral microbiome are significant players in health, and can also be modulated to our benefit.

5. SIBO and IBS can be overcome. These terms are umbrella diagnosis that simply reflect often multiple multilayered underlying imbalances. These umbrella terms are also often associated with unfounded myths, that if assumed to be correct and left untested may keep you in your un-health rut.

6. Candida is actually a protective agent to some degree. Though it does produce toxins when overgrown, It will bind up metals or molds, protecting you from oxidative stress. To bring Candida into balance one needs to address metals, mold, oxalates, sugar intake, secretion of digestive enzymes, and tryptophan/serotonin metabolism. All of these things play a role in the body’s ability to keep Candida in check.

7. So many health imbalances exist on a spectrum that wouldn’t necessarily be found or diagnosed unless severe or using specific high sensitivity testing. Some that come to mind include ammonia toxicity, cytokine storms, CIRS.

8. Vitamin D is one of the easiest ways to support the gut and modulate the immune system. I couldn’t tolerate Vit D supplements for the longest time. This was the year that ended and I felt a massive difference from being able to supplement with it, even after a summer of sun exposure. That said, some have increased conversion of Vit D to it’s active form, which can only be found if both types of D are tested for, which is uncommon. In these cases one needs to either cease supplementing or proceed with caution.

9. The things you put into your body can have almost unthinkable effects unto other systems. My favorite is snoring. We’ve helped Henry stop snoring at night, but as soon as he veers with his diet and supplements it’s right back.

10. Don’t put all of your faith into testing, things can always be missed. In my case for example, I’ve never tested positive for mold toxicity, yet treating our home made a big difference for my mental clarity and resilience. 

11. Your personality can change as you become more or less healthy. For example, my sense of humor has returned and I now go out of my way to create humorous situations. I’d previously thought that I’d simply become a bland person in that regard.

12. Probiotics are best used and prescribed based on their strains, but we can take it one step further and choose our strains based on enzymes we need to upregulate. For example, due to microbial balance, we can be deficient in microbes that produce enzymes that upregulate certain B vitamins, DAO or other important compounds!

13. Time and time again, our favorite meals can be narrowed down to certain mystery ingredients: “love,” time, attention to detail, and nutritious ingredients.  

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