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Microbiome Restoration / Pre and Probiotics

Some of the items from this point down are affiliate links. This means that I get a kickback if you purchase them.

Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum (PHGG)
Green Tea Polyphenols (De-Caffeinated)
Grapeseed Extract
Green Banana Resistant Starch
Pomegranate Peel Powder
Acacia Fiber
Nopal Powder
​ Baobob Resistant Starch
Thrive Probiotic
Garden of Life Soil Based Probiotic
BioGaia Probiotic Drops
Ideal Bowel Support for H2S overgrowth, HIT, allergies
Liposomal Colostrum - the only Casein free Colostrum!
Reduces LPS circulation and endotoxaemia, immune support Use code "meetyourmicrobiome" to set up patient direct account and place order
Reduces LPS circulation and endotoxaemia, immune support Use code "meetyourmicrobiome" to set up patient direct account and place order
Supports immunity, reduces leaky gut, reduces inflammation and eczema, reduces diarrhea
Researched strain BB536: travel-friendly, low histamine, reduces secondary bile acids
Bioflorin : Enterococcus strain used for diarrhea
Symbioflor 1
Symbioflor 2
OptiBac with BB-12
ShenLing Bai Zhu San

Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas Support

Maria's Alcohol Free Swedish Bitters
Liver Juice Alcohol Free Tincture ​
Milk Thistle
Real Pancreas Enzymes: may be helpful for HIT, Sals Int, Candida and Pancreatic Insufficiency
TMG Trimethylglycine: Methyl donor, MTHFR mutation support, supports metal clearance, increases stomach acid

Leaky Gut

Bovine Colostrum
Zinc Carnosine
Aloe Juice
​ Sulphur Free Glucosamine (H2S Safe)
Low IgA? Leaky Gut? Can't take colostrum or L-glutamine? Look no further. Use code "meettyourmicrobiome" to set up patient direct account and order!


Priority One Biofilm Breaker
Pomegranate Peel
Artichoke Extract (Canada)
Artichoke Extract (US)
Bile and mucosal support: Use "meetyourmicrobiome" to create patient direct account
Pomegranate Peel

Histamine Intolerance

Better than DAO
Better than DAO (CAD)
Homeopathic Histaminum hydro.
Quercetin (CAD)
Corn free Vitamin C (CAD)
Non-histamine liberating Probiotic
Mast Cell Calming
Mast Cell Calming
Metabolic Maintenance Sodium ascorbate Vit C low in salicylates, histamine and oxalates and less acidic


Selenium (H2S and Candida Safe)
Mast Cell Calming
T3 Cytomel by Biomed Description: For Thyroid
Thyrovanz Description: Desiccated Thyroid

Vitamins + Minerals

Rosehip Powder - Vitamin C
Thorne Methylated B Complex
Moringa - B Vitamins


Relora - Cortisol Lowering ​
Holy Basil - Cortisol Lowering
Eleuthero - Cortisol Lowering
Licorice - Cortisol Raising
Holy Basil Tea - Cortisol Lowering
Grain Free Cordyceps Tea Anti-histamine, Anti-Candida
Grain Free Reishi Tea Anti-Histamine, Anti-Candida
Grain Free 10 Mushroom Blend Anti-histamine, Anti-fungal
Gotu Kola Tea - Cortisol Lowering

Dental Hygiene

Non toxic Dental Floss
Non-Toxic Non-gliding Floss
Tongue Scraper
Mineralizing Toothpaste
Pro and Prebiotic Toothpaste Designs for Health

Microbiome Modifiers

RESVERATROL : Resveratrol (Pure) Powder
Helichrysum Arenarium

Immune Support

Echinacea : Echinacea Powder

For the home

Rainbow Shower filter

Skin Care

Shea Butter

Things That We Love

Glass Cleaning Bottles
Acure Glowing Serum
Magnetic Foldable Pill Case
French Press for teas and decoctions
Curious about the human gut microbiome? Read Rewild by Jeff Leach
Detox your feminine hygiene products with Thinx period proof underwear!
Improve your circadian rhythm with Teckin's smart LED color change lights
Empty Enteric Coated Capsules