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Single Consultations and “A La Carte” Testing

Prices are in Canadian Dollars if not otherwise specified!


Consultation TypePrice
Initial Consultation$180
Microbiome test analysis and report$155
(Does not include cost of test itself)
Up to 90 minute follow-up$155
Up to 75 minute follow-up$135
Up to 60 minute follow-up$120
Up to 45 minute follow-up$95
Up to 15 minute follow-up$55

Integrative Medicine Consultation with Dr. Code

Consultation TypePrice
20 Minute Consultation$300

* Must have had initial consultation or pre-consultation with Kristina prior to complete paperwork
** Blood work and referrals for Canadians only

PCR Microbiome Testing

Consultation TypePrice
Biomesight Microbiome TestWith the exchange rate and our discount Biomesight works out to being $225-$250ish CDN
Genova Microbial Ecology [includes bacteria, parasites and yeast]$600
Consultation and GI Effects Comprehensive [includes bacteria, parasites, yeast and digestive markers including pancreatic elastase, SCFA and more]$600
Diagnostic Solutions GI Map$600

GI Effects Add-ons

Consultation TypePrice
Campylobacter$25 USD
C. Difficile$100 USD
E. Coli$25 USD
H. Pylori$100 CDN
Macroscopic Worms$20 USD
Zonulin Leaky Gut$30 USD
Leaky Gut Urine Test$141 USD

Diagnostic Solutions Microbial Pathogen Test Add-Ons

Consultation TypePrice
H. Pylori Profile$115 USD
Zonulin Leaky Gut$140 USD
Calprotectin$130 USD


Consultation TypePrice
Consultation and SIBO Breath Test (Genova)$380 CDN (for US clients)
Consultation and SIBO Breath Test (SIBOCanada)$325 CDN (for CDN clients)


Consultation TypePrice
Methylation Panel (Dr’s Data or Genova)$250 CDN
Organic Acids Test$259 USD
Metabolomix Nutrient Panel$550 CDN

Detoxification Add-ons

Consultation TypePrice
Blood Spot$60
Toxic Clearence$60
Urine Elements$100


Consultation TypePrice
Microbial OAT$200 CDN
IgG Food sensitivity testing$259 USD
HTMA Mineral and Metals Test$130 CDN
Mold Panel$329 USD
Enviro-tox Panel$487 USD