1 Week Meal Plan for Microbial Diversity & Digestive Fire

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A healthy microbiome and digestive fire are the foundation for health and longevity. We truly believe that with a resilient microbiome and digestion one can help to prevent the onset of chronic illness and live a vibrant life for years to come.

Studies show that those who eat a diverse diet of 50+ foods per week, compared with those who don’t, found that the former has a more diverse and resilient microbiome. This is congruent with our findings at the Taymount Clinic.  The more diverse your diet is, the more diverse your microbiome is and the better your overall health will be.

This meal plan is Gluten, Dairy, Alcohol, and Grain-Free containing recipes most appropriate for spring/early summer. It also happens to be Vegetarian/Pescatarian with options for Paleo and Vegans. This book is perfect for someone looking to challenge themselves to create Real Whole Food Based Meals at an intermediate skill level. 

This book will NOT be appropriate for someone with many strong food sensitivities, for those still recovering from SIBO/SIFO or for those with Ulcerative Colitis/Crohns who follow the SCD.


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