Microbioma FM Solution

Microbioma is a bank for faecal microbiota solution from high quality Spain based donors. 

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Bill Code, MD

Anesthesiologist turned Integrative MD; Dr. Code’s work life was nearly ended when at 42 he was diagnosed with progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

Thank goodness for us he discovered an alternative to the conventional model of treatment.

Dr. Code began to heal when he started investigating the impact of diet, supplements and other holistic wellness regimens such as Gut Flora Transplant and Hyperbaric Oxygen. He has since recovered significantly, written several books and speaks worldwide. To learn more visit his webpage at www.billcode.com.

Andrew Paterson - Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT)

Vancouver Island South’s only source of Hyperbaric Oxygen. For further information contact Andrew at cvpms@icloud.com.