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Hi everyone,

I wanted to talk to you about the run-in I had with black mold recently. We live on the ocean, in a rainforest where things are consistently pretty humid. In general, I have to make sure our little apartment has good airflow and keep up with regular cleanings in the areas that mold likes: windowsills and doorframes. I’m not sure what happened this year, but things got REALLY bad! Indicators that this might have been impacting me were histamine intolerance and oxalate intolerance, despite having the mold panels I ran on myself come back negative. On top of this, Henry was snoring at night (not that normal for him). I decided on day to have a look around and sure enough there was a thick black coat of mold around the windows in our bedroom that wasn’t initially visible due to the black out curtains. 

Mold can do a number on our gut and microbiome health, promotes histamine intolerance, brain fog, memory problems, headaches, asthma and more. When I found it I knew I needed to deal with it ASAP.

I waited until I knew Henry had a big day of work planned and taped/tarped off our bedroom before getting to it with my cleaning supplies. 

The following were my ingredients for mold removal and now ongoing prevention:

When Henry had gone to work and the room was taped off I went to town. I sprayed the tea tree over all of the mold and let it sit for 20 minutes. I then came through and spread baking soda across all of the mold that was on a flat surface. I began scrubbing the mold with baking soda using the toothbrushes, dipping the toothbrush in another jar of hydrogen peroxide every time it looked like it needed a clean. I worked the baking soda and anti-mold mixtures into the cracks. I then began to wipe away the mold, which was now mostly attached to baking soda, and depositing it into a garbage bag. For the mold that I couldn’t brush with baking soda I wiped away with rags. I vacuumed up the crumbs that fell to the floor and emptied it outside. 

A couple things I didn’t do, but should have. I should have a vacuum with a HEPA filter to prevent the vacuum spreading mold spores through the air. And I should have used my ozone machine right after for the same purpose. But, I was over it by the time I finished cleaning… And I feel as though the following have made up for it.

I went out and bought Homebiotic, which is a soil-based probiotic used to keep the microbial environment of the home in tip-top shape. The soil-based microbes stay are able to withstand the extreme environment of the bottle (or those of our homes) longer than other types of probiotic strains. Other strains would likely die within a few hours or days, whereas these types of bacteria are much more environmentally versatile. If this weren’t the case I would not have bothered with it. Most of you know how critical I am of probiotic products.

I sprayed Homebiotic on the suspect areas every day for a week and then once a week until the bottle runs out.

I also purchased a new de-humidifier. Research tells us that the best humidity level for health and mold prevention is between 40% and 60%. This is one reason I like Frigidaire; we can adjust the humidity level on it. I’ve used others without that option and was woken up parched. 

Wondering if you need a dehumidifier? There are phone apps that can tell you what the humidity is in your home. As I said, 40-60% is best. You can try the app Hygrometer HERE.

The first night we used it, Henry didn’t snore once. I was so excited, but it didn’t last. He still seemed to be having allergy like symptoms, so I decided to add in some anti-histamine supplements for him, which has finally done the trick. It’s been about a week now since I’ve heard him snore or have breathing trouble. If you have a partner who snores, you might relate to my excitement! The air in our apartment also smells crisp and clean.. very nice.

I did one hyperbaric oxygen session prior to cleaning the mold and will continue doing sessions over the while, to kill any mold spores in my body. I could also use my ozone machine, but I enjoy the experience of HBOT more-so than ozone. Frankly, I think the fact that I’ve done so much hyperbaric oxygen over the past few years is the reason I remain fairly resilient in the presence mold. I would consider HBOT a useful prophylactic for anyone living in a humid environment.

That being said, my oxalate problems have completely disappeared now! Granted, there are a few other things I’ve implemented in the last few weeks.. but I am certain mold had a part to play.

So the mold is gone and both Henry and I are sleeping so deeply and so well. 

If mold ever comes up for you, make sure you get on it! And don’t hesitate to refer to this protocol.

In health,


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